Our role is to support our service users and provide them with guidance in accessing and planning for services that are relevant to their needs and desires, such as:


Substance Misuse Support

Mental Health Support

Work Experience


Support we provide

As part of the preparation for independence, our staff also work with service users to support them with building basic life skills and knowledge that they will need in order to be able to live fully independently such as:

Applying for housing benefits
Cooking and general household duties
Routines and boundaries
Planning ahead, being prepared and organised
Registering with local health services
Budgeting and applying for bank accounts
Building and maintaining positive peer relationships

What we can do

    • Controlling service users freedom to come and go as they please without staff permission
    • Support with service users finances
    • Imposing sanctions beyond house rules and legal sanctions
    • Providing or commissioning, as a primary function, any specialist support services to service users
    • Making decisions for service users in terms of their health needs or helping service users medical needs
    • Constantly supervising service users on their premises
    • Providing aftercare to service users once they’ve left

    Services we provide

    Support for ex-offenders
    Emergency accommodation
    Pathway to Living independently 
    Short/medium/long term placements
    Shared or sole occupancy accommodation
    Relocation and transport support
    Support for Asylum seekers
    Facilitating electronic tagging system

    Supported Accommodation

    • 18+ Male and Female
    • Retained Placements
    • Emergency Placements
    • Out of Authority Placements
    • Planned Placements


    • Provision of appropriate Adult at the Police Station
    • Support with Family contact and activities
    • Attendance at Court Hearings
    • Support in accessing sexual health, CSE, alcohol and drug awareness advice or services
    • Support with arranging and/or attending meetings for CAMHS, YOT, LAC reviews
    • Provide asylum and welfare support. Including 1 to 1 Mental Health Support to come to terms with their experiences.